Why service car air conditioning?

Regular maintenance ensures proper levels of refrigerant and lubrication, reducing the risk of premature compressor failure. In addition, the most common air conditioning system problems involve minor problems, such as blockages or leaks, which are much easier to troubleshoot if detected early during regular maintenance. When temperatures rise and your car's air conditioning doesn't work, the only solution is to open the windows to let in fresh air. However, opening the windows can increase the resistance of the vehicle and cause it to consume more fuel.

Maintaining your vehicle's air conditioning system helps ensure better fuel economy. Summer has arrived and it is here to stay. Whether it's your commute to the office or a weekend getaway, traveling without air conditioning is going to be dreadful. Since the temperature inside the car's cabin can go up to 60°C, checking your car's air conditioning should be your top priority.

There can be a number of problems that drag on, such as low refrigeration, odor, broken compressor and many others. Although regular air conditioning maintenance should be a ritual, it is generally prescribed to get a full car air conditioner service every year to maintain cooling at peak efficiency. Car air conditioner repair: disassembly and installation instructions When replacing components, always use new O-rings suitable for the refrigerant. Air conditioning systems are designed to cool a space where it is installed.

If your car's air conditioning system doesn't cool your cab, it's clear that you need an automatic air conditioner repair. Common suspects of refrigeration loss are a broken compressor, a broken fuse, a broken fan motor, or a damaged evaporator. Whether it's a major or minor problem, you should deal with it unless you're okay with driving in a “hot” car. When taking your car for air conditioning service, the technician starts by checking the cabin temperature while operating the air conditioner.

So what does car air conditioning service include? Contact our ASE-certified technicians today at Elk River Tire %26 Auto to learn more about repairing your car air conditioning and to schedule an appointment. A responsible car owner should ensure that they repair their car's air conditioning every year for maximum cooling efficiency. So what are you waiting for? Take your car to the nearest GoMechanic garage for full air conditioning service at the best price in your city.