Can Car Repair Shops Stay Open During the Pandemic?

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are wondering if car repair shops can remain open. The answer is yes, as long as they have a valid license from the state. Auto repair dealers must have a license from the state and must renew it annually. Under the law, an auto repair dealer is any person or company that, for compensation, performs maintenance, diagnostic, or repair services on a motor vehicle or replaces automotive parts.

If an auto repair dealer hasn't renewed their license, they won't be allowed to perform auto repairs. A dealer can hold a car for up to 30 days. However, there are some repairs that are more complex than others. If your vehicle is in the shop for any of these products, it's best to talk to the car dealer before making any drastic decisions. It could be a simple misunderstanding that can be resolved quickly with a little communication. At the same time, rest assured that automotive repair and maintenance facilities, such as Quality Tune-Up shops, are taking every precaution possible to ensure customer and staff safety.

If you decide you don't want to pay for services provided by an auto repair shop, the shop may have a legal right to keep your car. In this state of confusion and fear, many car owners and drivers wonder if they could still get an essential repair for their cars. You're not putting a lot of miles on your car right now, so this type of maintenance can probably wait until COVID-19 wears off. Seeing only cars five years old or older with low mileage CoPilot Compare is the best way to find cars out of lease, early redemption and CPO. Car repair and maintenance facilities, including auto shops, car dealerships, and tire shops, are on the list of essential services. You won't realize how outdated other car search apps are until you try the CoPilot car buying app.

No matter what your car's repair or maintenance needs are during the shelter-in-place order, call your mechanic to see what they recommend.