What is the Cheapest Car Brand to Maintain?

When it comes to car maintenance, Toyota and Scion are the clear winners. They are the most affordable vehicles to maintain in the long run, with Subaru also deserving an honorable mention. This is largely due to their reliability, but also because they share many parts with Nissan vehicles, since Nissan is the parent company of the brand. According to a recent report, compact or subcompact cars from Asian car manufacturers are generally the cheapest to maintain and repair over 10 years.

The report measured the number of problems experienced during the year in a car brand's three-year car models. Whether you buy a small or medium car, or if you choose an expensive car or SUV, performing routine maintenance can help you avoid costly problems down the road. The table below shows the 29 car brands included in the investigation and their maintenance costs for the first 75,000 kilometers. Maintenance costs are one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new or used car.

A late-model Ford Mustang is the cheapest sports car you can buy in terms of average annual maintenance costs. The availability of repair and service requirements for most entry-level car brands can help reduce the cost of maintenance, unlike luxury brands that require specialized care and maintenance. This may be due to the fact that car owners don't really care about their cars as much as they did once they passed the 100,000 mile mark. Still, when it comes to service, low-maintenance cars mean the immediate availability of skilled mechanics and technicians who can handle your repair and service requirements.

The Prius and Versa are still the least expensive cars to maintain in the long run, but after it exceeds 100,000 miles, Chevy Tahoe will begin to save more money from your maintenance budget. Based on the myriad different origin and mileage models they have at their base, they have calculated approximate maintenance costs for most major car makes and models alike. Car owners generally realize that they need to take their car for servicing less often when driving a Honda Accord.

Car maintenance

is essential for extending the life of your vehicle and, more importantly, for your safety as a driver and passenger.

These warranties go a long way in easing your maintenance costs, especially if you buy a new car. As a result, some brands such as BMW are among those with the lowest maintenance and repair costs at five years old and highest for 10-year cars.