How Often Should You Service Your Car's Air Conditioner?

It's wise to schedule an automatic air conditioning service at least once a year. Some automotive technicians may even suggest servicing twice a year, in the fall after high summer temperatures and before winter sets in, and then again in the spring before summer arrives. But how often should you recharge your air conditioning system? The answer is: it depends. There's no set service or maintenance schedule; you don't need to recharge your air conditioning system every year, or even every two years.

The best indicator that you need to recharge the coolant is when the system starts to cool down less than it used to, but before it stops cooling completely. Whenever your car is serviced, make sure to check the air conditioner. If there is a problem with the air conditioning unit, you will need to have it repaired. On average, the car's air conditioner needs to be repaired after about a year.

Your air conditioning system is a sealed system. In closed systems, the only way to lose liquid, or in this case coolant, is when there is a leak in the system. Evaluating and recharging your air conditioner approximately every three to five years is a good maintenance guideline, even if it seems to work well. So how often should you service your car's air conditioner? It would be wise to schedule the repair of the car's air conditioning at least once a year.

Twice a year would be especially beneficial. I suggest that you review it every year as part of your annual service. A car air conditioner basically consists of five main components that are responsible for cooling your car in summer and heating it during winters. Because your car's air conditioner has been used a lot lately and will continue to be used frequently, it's important that you take care of your car's air conditioning with quality air conditioning service.